Talks and Presentations

This page contains links to the notes (usually slideshow presentations) from most of the major talks and presentations I have given over the years. The topics of these talks are fairly diverse, including philosophy, history, science, and economics. Some of the presentations may be more comprehensible without accompanying audio than others, but I have included them all in case they may be of use.


Advanced Tools and Techniques of Evaluation Workshop, Jul 2018

Tools and Techniques of Evaluation Workshop, Jul 2018

Measuring the Wealth of Nations, June 2018

Critique of the Resurrection Argument, May 2018


Old and New Atheism, Sept 2017

Is Nature all There is? Debate Slides, Aug 2017

Where does morality come from? Version 2.0, Jun 2017

Philosophy of a Naturalistic Worldview, Presentation to Humanist Convention, Apr 2017

Political Ideologies, March 2017

God and Science, Mar 2017

Where does morality come from?, March 2017


Responding to Religious Apologetics, Nov 2016

God and Cosmology, Sept 2016

Evidence-Based Thinking Discussion, July 2016

Vision for a Secular Australia, July 2016

Resurrection of Jesus Debate Notes, Apr 2016


Philosophy of Peer Disagreement, Nov 2015

Philosophy of Science – What Skeptics Need to Know, Oct 2015

Introduction to Effective Altruism, Sept 2015

Logic and Critical Thinking, Sept 2015

Counter-Apologetics, Sept 2015

Atheist at Christian Camp Presentation, Sem 2, 2015

Peer Disagreement presentation to Agnostics, Jul 2015

Logical Fallacies presentation at LessWrong Dojo, June 2015

Science and Christianity Discussion, May 2015

Philosophy of Science for Skeptics, May 2015

Secular Ethics and Effective Altruism, Apr 2015

Peer Disagreement talk to the Humanists, Mar 2015

Criticial Thinking and Informal Logic, Mar 2015


Scientific Evidence and Explanation, Oct 2014

Should we be Convinced? Responses to Christian Apologetics, Sept 2014

If God does not exist, everything is permitted debate, Sept 2014

Philosophy of Science Presentation, Aug 2014

Atheist at Christian Camp Presentation, Jul 2014

Rationality and Peer Disagreement, LessWrong Dojo, July 2014

Dealing with Peer Disagreement, RAM Presentation, May 2014

Christianity versus Naturalism Debate, Mar 2014

Whole Brain Emulation Neuroscience Talk, Mar 2014

Dealing with Peer Disagreement, VicSkeptics Presentation, Jan 2014


Women in Atheism and Skepticism, Oct 2013

Atheist at Christian Camp Presentation, Jul 2013

Skeptics Groups of Victoria Presentation, Feb 2013

Scientific Proof, talk to Secular Society, May 2013


Scientific Proof, Oct 2012

Irrational Beliefs, Aug 2012

Is Science an Ideology?, Aug 2012

Accommodationism vs Confrontationalism in Atheism, Jul 2012

Atheism and Religion talk at CU-UMSS joint event, Apr 2012