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Christianity vs Naturalism: Key Writings

This is a numbered list (with the most important posts at the top) of what I consider to be some of my key pieces of writing in comparing and considering the relative merits of Christianity and Atheism as worldviews. Reading these posts is the best way to gain an understanding of where my current thoughts are on these matters. Note that I plan to update this list periodically as my views change and/or as I write additional posts.

  1. The Resurrection of Jesus: Explaining the Historical Facts Debate Notes
  2. Five Major Problems with William Lane Craig’s Kalam Cosmological Argument
  3. The Question of Christianity: A Personal Manifesto
  4. A Theory of Reductive Naturalism: The Metaphysical Foundations of Non-belief
  5. How can Christians be so Certain?: Why Subjective Evidence isn’t Evidence
  6. Seeking God versus Seeking Truth
  7. How to get an Ought from an Is
  8. Are there Moral Facts or Duties without God?

Complete List of Posts by Topic

The following list contains all posts that I have published on this blog, arranged by topic. Note that each post is contained in exactly one category. Also note that the numbered list of ‘key writings’ above is stand-alone – all the posts contained therein are also listed below.

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One thought on “Posts by Subject

  1. Maybe without spiritual experience, practitioners of science cannot know about it. If their science uses only material universe as they understand it, devoid of spirit, their thought will never lead to truth. What they don’t acknowledge, they don’t acknowledge. Not in dust, not in humans, not in anything. Science is young and defensive. Truth isn’t.


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