About Me

My name is James Fodor, and I’m a student at the University of Melbourne in Australia. I like to learn about everything, and often think about how we can know anything at all. Here I post about some of my recent thoughts concerning philosophy, science, religion, politics, history, and other topics I think are important. If you’re deciding whether to read this blog, you might want to know about some of my positions: epistemology (Peircean pragmatist with leanings to Humean skepticism), metaethics (lean towards reductive moral naturalism), religion (agnostic atheist, former Mormon), ethical theory (non-dogmatic preference utilitarian with some leanings to virtue ethics), politics (classical liberal), gender (queer theory, sex-positive feminism), philosophy of mind (functionalism/connectionism, physicalist monist), scientific realism (instrumentalist). I am strongly influenced by David Hume, Bertrand Russell, Friedrich Hayek, Carl Sagan, Peter Singer, Ray Kurzweil, and Friedrich Nietzsche.


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