The Limits of Knowledge: An Outline of Applied Epistemology

I have written a document outlining some key issues and questions in epistemology and philosophy of science. My particular focus is on epistemological problems and limitations to knowledge, hence why I spend more time presenting objections to various viewpoints and positions than presenting substantive arguments in favour of those positions. My focus here is on applied questions, issues that relate directly to how we can know things, so I do not include some more ‘peripheral’ issues, such as how to define knowledge, the Gettier problem, or the demarcation problem. The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of key ideas and terminology, and a reference for further reading. I also hope that it will prove useful in debates about matters of philosophy, religion, science, and politics, enabling people to identify with greater precision what perspective they are coming from, where their opponents are coming from, and why disagreement persists. I hope people will find this document of use. The link is here:


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