Mormon Tithing: steal from the Poor and give to the Rich


The LDS church takes money from poor people from around the world and uses some of it to subsidize university places for mostly white, middle-class American college students at BYU.

The Facts

  • For a comparison of some of the countries tithing is sourced from and their relative incomes:
LDS Members (million) 2012 GDP per Capita 2012
USA 6.3 $55,000
Mexico 1.3 $15,000
Brazil 1.2 $12,000
Philippines 0.7 $4,400
Bolivia 0.2 $5,000
Guatemala 0.2 $5,000
Nigeria 0.1 $2,700
  • 86% of BYU students are white (, and only 0.9% are black. I suspect, but cannot confirm, that most of these students are from middle-class families with above average income

Although only a tiny fraction of total tithing funds would be paid by poor families and individuals in South America or elsewhere (tithing is always 10% of gross income), I still find this a very strange way to transfer wealth. It is bizarre to me that God would demand such a thing.


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